Microtune allows you to play microtonal music in Reason. Independently detune each keyboard note to access all the notes between traditional western notes.






A microtone is a note in-between two adjacent notes in the western scale. For example, C and C-sharp exist in the western scale. But there can be notes between C and C-sharp. Those in-between notes are microtones. Reason doesn’t natively support microtones, and neither does standard midi. But Microtune gives you a way to easily access all those microtones.

  • Can be used with any synth in Reason.
  • All scales can be mapped to any root note.
  • Scales can be programmed using 1/6th tones, 1/8th tones, 1/10th tones, or cents.
  • Set the speed of pitch bends.
  • Use the Microtune pitch wheel to override and add to dynamic pitch bends.
  • Microtune comes with more than 300 microtonal scale patches.